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Klasse Left Handed Dressmaking Shears


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klasse scissors and needles

Klasse Left Handed Dressmaking Shears

Klasse Drop Forged Serrated Edge 21cm Dressmaking Scissors Left Handed

Klasse Professional Series, Screw adjustable joint with double locking nut.
Heavy Duty Drop Forged Steel
Double plated with a nickle and chrome finish for long life protection
Larger grip handle. Three (adult size) fingers fit comfortably in the large handle.
Double locking adjustment. Blades and tension can be easily adjusted using the screw, and then locked into place with the locking nut
Serrated lower blade takes hold of the fabric and prevents it from being squeezed out of the blades during the cutting process
The knife edge precision sharpening on the upper blade allows incredible cutting power, up to 8 thickness of fabric in one cut.