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Machine Needle Threader/Inserter


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Birch Machine Needle Threader / Inserter

The needle inserter tool is designed with a “D” shaped hole for the needle. This is the same shape as the needle shank.
Fit the needle into the “D” shaped hole and place the flat side of the needle towards the back, then slide it into position on the machine and tighten the screw.
For threading the needle, hold the threader with either arrow facing up. Bring the thread horizontally across the “V” shaped groove.
Gently press the threader down the needle while pushing gently until the small metal tongue pushes the thread through the eye of the needle.
Remove the threader and pull the thread the rest of the way through.
Full instructions for the use of this item is on the back of the packaging. The item is white in colour, plastic and is 7.5 cm long